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1.Welcome to join China.Kingdern. Bubugao,the following is the details of how to become one of us:
Once the cumulative sales amount of ¡°Kingdern¡± ¡°BBS¡± ¡°BUBUSHENG¡±brand reaches USD50 thousand within one year. Our company will return 2% of the total charge; more than RMB50 thousand, the rate will be 2.5% of the exceeding part.
In order to accomplish the all-year target amount, We¡¯ll make a rate of progress for
every month. That is to say you are expected to fulfill the percentage of the total amount every month. The rate is 8% in January, 15% in February, 22% in March, 31.5% in April, 40% in May, 46% in July, 52% in June, 61.5% in August, 70.5% in September, 80.5% in October, 90% in November, 100% in December.
Our company keeps the rights of explanation. The period of validity for this authorization is one year from the date you join us.

2.You have the sole vendition to sale our goods in the districts in your country when you become one of us .

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